uConnect System Vulnerabilities Subject of New Lawsuit

Despite issuing a recall to patch vulnerabilities in their infotainment system, Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) has been sued for not fully addressing the threat.

The hack was possible because of the Harmon Kardon uConnect infotainment systems installed in the affected Jeeps and other vehicles. The plaintiffs claim the uConnect 3G systems in the vehicles should be physically disconnected from the controller area network bus. The CAN bus links together the electronics of the vehicle, including vital functions such as the braking system and transmission.

The plaintiffs say they wouldn’t have bought their vehicles if they knew about the threat. Great, now every time we buy a car we’re going to have to read all the legalese and not check the box that says I promise not to sue the automaker for shoddy code that allows remote access to my car’s vital systems, like the engine and stuff. Although I’m guessing it will be phrased a little differently.