Feds Petitioned to Look Into Welding Defects in Wrangler Frame

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Scott McCracken
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A petition is asking federal regulators to look into a slew of welding issues with the 2018-2019 Wrangler frames. NHTSA says the petitioner provides a laundry list of problems with the frame welds, including problems with weld penetration, areas where the welds dripped or splashed, porous welds and areas of "excessive slag.”

This could be the start of a troubling trend. The popular SUV has already been recalled for an improperly welded steering shaft and Just last month track bar brackets separating from the frame.

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What in the Weld is Going on With the Wrangler?

The 4th generation (2018-2019) Wrangler has already been recalled multiple times for weld-related issues. Now the feds have been petitioned to look into further weld defects that could lead to ccatastrophic failures in 220,000 Wranglers.

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