What in the Weld is Going on With the Wrangler?

The 4th generation (2018-2019) Wrangler has already been recalled multiple times for weld-related issues. Now the feds have been petitioned to look into further weld defects that could lead to ccatastrophic failures in 220,000 Wranglers.

The petition points to a laundry list of weld problems, including splatters, porous areas, and excessive slag. This is a strange turn in the history of a vehicle built on such a rugged reputation.

Wrangler Weld Realted Recalls

To some extent, the feds are already aware of weld issues in this latest generation of Wranglers. There have already been multiple recalls realted to issues outlined in the petition in 2018.

An improper weld found in the intermediate steering shaft

The first sign of problems came in June 2018 when an improper weld on the steering shaft forced Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) to recall 540 Wranglers.

A split in the steering shaft would make the steering wheel lose center positioning and drivers noticed a lack of steering response.

Track bar brackets start falling off the frames

A few months later track bar brackets were recalled because they could seperate from the frames after not being welded properly. The issue affected over 18,000 Wranglers.

Luckily, drivers should receive multiple indications of a problem before the brackets seperate completely, including:

  1. A front-end noise
  2. An off-center steering wheel
  3. And a service electronic stability control warning light

What’s Next?

With the dreaded death wobble still a very real threat, who knows how long all these weak welds will hold together.

Vehicles That Might Have This Problem

Model Generation Years PainRank
Wrangler 4th Gen 2018–2019 0.0

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